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Tell Your Representative: “The Pay Freeze Must End Now!”

From our friends at AFGE:

House leaders have begun the New Year by once again attacking your pay. They’ve scheduled a vote for Wednesday, January 23 to vote on a bill – HR 273 – that would extend the current pay freeze for the rest of the year. That’s a criminal act in our book.

Federal employees have already sacrificed over $100 billion towards deficit reduction. Enough is enough.

Call your Representative right now — toll free: 1- 888-775-3148. Follow the instructions to be connected to your Representative’s office.

Urge your Representative to oppose HR 273 which would freeze federal pay for another year. Tell your Representative that the attack on hardworking, middle income Americans has got to stop.

Collectively, we can make sure that lawmakers’ phones are ringing off the hook. Thank you for taking action!