A Labor Day Message from Metal Trades Department President Jimmy Hart

James Hart, Metal Trades Department President

Celebrating Labor Day this year brings unique challenges for America’s working families. While large gatherings and travel are discouraged or even prohibited, families can and should still recognize the holiday as one that celebrates workers. 

For me, this Labor Day will be a time to celebrate our first responders and frontline workers who have continued to put themselves in harm’s way as our country has endured this pandemic. The healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, hospital employees from janitors to construction and maintenance workers who have continued to treat patients, sanitize facilities and construct entire emergency hospital outbuildings in a matter of days to combat this dangerous virus. I will celebrate the researchers and scientists who are studying the virus and searching for viable treatments and an eventual vaccine. I will celebrate our first responders who are still fighting fires, saving lives and protecting our streets. I will celebrate our nation’s grocery workers, farmers, truck drivers and manufacturing workers who have ensured our access to the daily necessities of life. 

And of course, I will celebrate you, the Metal Trades workforce, as you report to work daily to some of the most dangerous jobs in the country that are now made more difficult by potential exposure to a very dangerous illness, ever mindful that you are the indestructible fabric that weaves America’s national security safety net together. 

Unions are the great experiment which unites men and women of all races, faiths, occupations and political beliefs. It is because of the beautiful mosaic which is the labor movement that workers have been able to defy and frustrate anti worker forces who believe time and time again, that they could divide and conquer us from within.

This Labor Day, I urge you all to continue to practice social distancing, wear your mask and wash your hands. Take time to enjoy family and friends while remembering that this pandemic shall pass. May God bless all workers, keep them safe and always look over them. 

God bless America! 

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