Great job by our affiliate, The Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ (OPCMIA) with this video “Value Driven Family.”

I am a union member, a father and now a grandfather. I thank my union daily for the opportunities that they afforded me and my family. So, when I saw this video created by the  the OPCMIA “Value Driven-Family,” I knew exactly what the worker in the video meant when he said, “I lace up these boots, throw on my hard hat to provide a good life for my family.” Unions not only offer good jobs and fair wages, they strengthen families by giving workers a voice on the job.

And did you know that research suggests that union membership also appears to have positive effects that persists across generations? Data suggests that children of union parents tend to achieve higher education levels and be healthier than their non-union counterparts. Unions really do build stronger families. —Jimmy Hart, President, MTD #1u