The Romney-Ryan Budget Would Gut Programs Most Prized by American Sportsmen: The Romney-Ryan budget could cut funding for conservation and outdoor recreation programs by nearly 20 percent – including those that conserve waterfowl habitat, assess fish stocks, eradicate invasive species, and set land aside for recreation and conservation.

The Romney-Ryan Budget Would Cut Funding for Hunting Grounds: The Romney-Ryan budget could cut the funds needed to manage the National Wildlife Refuge System, which conserves some of the most important hunting grounds in North America. This is just more of the same from Paul Ryan, whose budget last year also eliminated all funding for these very programs. In fact, 31 Sportsmen organizations opposed the budget that Ryan authored and Romney embraced, stating its provisions “strike directly at America’s longstanding tradition” of fish and wildlife conservation.


Mitt Romney Quadrupled Fees on Purchasing or Carrying Firearms: After taking office as governor of Massachusetts, Romney drastically increased fees for firearms dealers, ammunition licenses and more.
Mitt Romney Tried to Raid Sportsmen Funds: As governor of Massachusetts, Romney tried to raid the fish and game fund created from hunting and fishing license fees and used to conserve wildlife across the state.

Mitt Romney Increased Fees on ATVs, Snowmobiles, Boats, and Jet Skis: As governor of Massachusetts, Romney increased outdoor recreation vehicle registration and dealer fees, making it more expensive for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Paul Ryan and House Republicans are Leading an Attack on Conserving Wildlife Habitats: Under Paul Ryan and House Republican’s leadership, congress is launching the largest attack on fish and wildlife habitat in 100 years.


Mitt Romney Broke His Campaign Promise to Enhance Massachusetts’ Open Spaces: During Romney’s tenure as governor, state parks were “lacking,” and outdoor advocates noted that plummeting state support was distressing the parks system.

Mitt Romney Promised Not To Raise Taxes And Instead Raised Fees On State Park Activities: Although he campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes, Romney increased fees on parking, access to piers, and recreational activities at state facilities.


Mitt Romney Wasn’t Honest about his Hunting Experience and Gun Control Record: When Romney ran for the Senate in 1994, he said “I don’t line up with the NRA.” But in 2007, Romney falsely claimed to have been endorsed by the NRA when he ran for governor. He later joined the NRA only after deciding to run for President. In 2007, he claimed “I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life” but admitted he only had gone twice.


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Would Sell Off Public Land: Romney supports the Ryan budget, which would sell millions of acres of public land now used for hunting and fishing, handing them over to special interests – even though recreation and tourism on public lands supports more than 400,000 jobs and generates nearly $50 billion in economic activity.

Mitt Romney is Out of Touch with America’s Sportsmen: Romney has said that he doesn’t understand the purpose of federal land. He doesn’t realize that they provide hunting and fishing grounds for American sportsmen

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