In May 2013, the Maritime Administration released its report on the economic importance of the shipbuilding industry. The report looks at the economic impact of the 117 shipyards in the United States, spread across 26 states, that are classified as active shipbuilders.

“In 2011, the U.S. private shipbuilding and repairing industry directly provided 107,240 jobs, $7.9 billion in labor income, and $9.8 billion in gross domestic product, or GDP, to the national economy. Including direct, indirect and induced impacts, on a nationwide basis, total economic activity associated with the industry reached 402,010 jobs, $23.9 billion of labor income, and $36.0 billion in GDP in 2011.”

“The industry impact by state varies based on the level of direct activity and the share of the supply chain included in the state. The states with the highest levels of overall direct, indirect, and induced employment associated with the industry are Virginia, California, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Connecticut, and Florida Considering the indirect and induced impacts, each direct job in the shipbuilding and repairing industry is associated with another 2.7 jobs in other parts of the US economy; each dollar of direct labor income and GDP is associated with another $2.03 in labor income and $2.66 in GDP, respectively, outside of the shipbuilding and repairing industry.”