The Metal Trades Department has urged Representative Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the Oversight & Government Reform Committee, and Ranking Member Elijah Cummings, to introduce, and pass, legislation directing the government to take immediate action regarding the recent cyber-security attack(s). Calling for the committee to protect federal employees, retirees, contractors and their families through bipartisan legislation that includes:

  1. Making credit monitoring permanent for all federal employees, and extend monitoring services to their spouses and children;
  2. Increase the loss coverage from $1 million to $3 million for any adverse consequence of the breach;
  3. Provide loss coverage retroactively for any losses incurred due to security lapses as far back as January, 2013;
  4. Block the use of credit scores as the sole basis for denying or revoking security clearances;
  5. Implement dual-factor authentication for all on-line/phone access to any federal employee databases (especially payroll and TSP) by the end of FY16 (and request emergency appropriations if need be), and;
  6. Direct the formation of a task force made up of the labor leaders (at least all NCR holders), agency heads or their designees, and IT security experts to come up with specific recommendations on how to mitigate any adverse consequences to employees and their agencies, as well as how to prevent future incidents.

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