Metal Trades Patriots to Overhaul US Naval Hospital Ship Mercy

 Metal Trades workers at Vigor Marine in Portland will perform a complete overhaul on the USNS Ship Mercy


In June, Vigor Marine was awarded a $56,450,644 firm-fixed price contract to overhaul and dry dock the hospital ship U.S. Naval USNS Ship Mercy.

The work will be performed at the Portland shipyard and is expected to be completed in August 2021.

Philly Shipyard Awaits Defense Budget Approval Awarding Two New Hospital Ship Contracts to the Yard

On the brink of collapse just one year ago, the Philly Shipyard was awarded a contract for the construction of up to five (5) National Security Multi-Mission Vessels (NSMV) from TOTE Services, LLC.

In addition to its NSMV contract, Philly Shipyard anticipates an award to build two Towing, Salvage, and Rescue Ships (T-ATS) should the DoD FY21 Budget be approved in Congress.

See page 95 of the United States Department of Defense FY 21 Budget Request


Single Point of Contact Model Making a Difference at Vigor

Benjamin Heurung, MTD West Coast General Rep.

The Single Point of Contact model of representation is a negotiated and vital component to the administration of the Metal Trades Department Master Agreement that serves multi craft Metal Trades Councils within Vigor Industrial LLC. It serves as the conduit that unites multiple Vigor Industrial  collective bargaining agreements that exist between the company and the Puget Sound and Portland Metal Trades Councils.

As the West Coast General Representative, I presently serve as the current Single Point of Contact between the employer, local councils and affiliated local unions. It is my goal to fully define the role through the prioritization of establishing a clear line of communication that ensures a free and concise flow of information between bargaining unit partners. This collectively bargained representative position ensures that the employer provide the council and its local affiliates with timely, accurate records of their members and all pertinent information necessary to conduct and coordinate every aspect of representation and effective labor relations. Included but not limited to this task of the Single Point of Contact is the facilitation of negotiations, grievances, arbitrations and the weekly data necessary for the council and its affiliates to monitor and plan its representational activities. Those activities include the recording of new hires, sub-contractors, terminations, layoffs, personal information changes, leave of absences, wage changes, promotions and on call lists. The Single Point of Contact is responsible for certifying with the company that all locals working within the jurisdiction of the two councils, receive their dues and trust payments in a timely fashion along with audited reports and accurate membership / bargaining unit employee counts.

In its role as a quasi-ombudsman between labor and management, the Single Point of Contact is a viable vehicle that provides stewards, local council representatives and management with an unfettered and bureaucracy free bridge to one another, enabling and promoting effective labor and management relations through communications.

As the the Single Point of Contact representation model and its sphere of influence evolves throughout the Metal Trades universe, the department looks forward to its local councils fostering strong and productive relationships with our industry partners, working together to efficiently advance joint efforts that positively and productively affect the performance of all company employees from metal trades members on the deck plate to the company administrative personnel in the office. #MTDProud

Metal Trades Mobile

The mobile source for up-to-date news and information from the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO. This app contains news feeds and information of interest to union members. It links to our social media pages and our photos. Keeps you apprised of upcoming events and allows our users to identify and contact their members of Congress. We will also alert you to breaking news and important information when you allow “push notifications.”


MTD Salutes Retiring HFIAW President McCourt; Lauds IBEW’s Appointment of Cooper as IVP

MTD Salutes Retiring HFIAW President McCourt; Lauds IBEW’s Appointment of Cooper as IVP

John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” At the Metal Trades Department, we have been extremely lucky to have so many great leaders at all levels from our local affiliated unions and councils to our international affiliates. I am proud to have worked with, and learned from, so many great labor advocates. I salute their service to America’s working families. — James Hart, Metal Trades Department President

When Supply Lagged, NAVSEA Metal Trades Shipyard Workers Stepped Up to Make Half-a-Million Masks for First Responders, Peers

When Supply Lagged, NAVSEA Metal Trades Shipyard Workers Stepped Up to Make Half-a-Million Masks for First Responders, Peers

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a number of areas in which our nation is simply not prepared. Nowhere has this been more visible than in the workplace, where far too many men and women have been asked to do their jobs without the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to keep themselves and those around them safe.

Resources Available to Affected Member in the Pacific Northwest & California

Dozens of historic deadly wildfires continue to consume millions of acres in the west, especially in California, Oregon and Washington where in some cases entire towns have been destroyed and tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes.

Most evacuees have had to leave quickly with little advance notice, taking what few belongings they could. Thousands of homes and businesses have been incinerated. Weather conditions are improving, but the fire danger isn’t over. Wildfires are also burning in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

The Metal Trades Department has compiled a list of resources for our members and employment partners. If you need additional assistance, contact your MTD General Representative.

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