A Statement from Metal Trades Department President Ron Ault regarding the release of Prof. Aaron Schneider’s White Paper: “Save Avondale, Save New Orleans, Save America”

For Immediate Release—Jan 12, 2012

Contact: Ron Ault (202) 508-3705

Washington, D.C—Ron Ault, President of the Metal Trades Department of the AFL-CIO released the following statement:

The results of Professor Aaron Schneider’s study are not surprising, but they are compelling. As the labor movement has argued for generations, good jobs make for stronger, healthier communities and ultimately a stronger nation.

We are indebted to the Avondale Research Project, and the universities—Tulane, Loyola, UNO and SUNO—Prof Schneider and the researchers who created this paper for the documentation that they have collected to prove the connection.

In the long view, Avondale is important to America down to the granular level because in thousands of cities and villages across America the same stresses have played out. Avondale is only different because it is possible in New Orleans to prevent catastrophe, rather than lament a lost opportunity.

The Metal Trades Department recognizes that we are also fortunate to have a united front in New Orleans that includes the workers and their neighbors, business and community leaders, the clergy, academics and elected officials.

We intend to continue to work toward the goal of keeping Avondale open, building ships and contributing to the wellbeing of the entire region. Failure is not an option.