782Tuesday, December 18, 2012

(Federal Workers Alliance)

Federal Employees Day of Action is finally here and the momentum is already starting to build. Federal workers from all across the country are signing letters to congress, calling their elected officials, and building awareness on social media.

Why are so many federal employees stepping up and speaking out? The threat of Washington taking us over the fiscal cliff is scary for all Americans, but particularly so for federal employees. Depending on how Washington avoids the cliff – if at all – federal employees could see devastating cuts to their jobs, pay, retirement, and health care. The solution to this problem? Get active!

Use the tools listed below to make an impact on your livelihood and that of your fellow federal employees. If you don’t stand up for dedicated federal employees, who will?

Federal Employee Day of Action Toolkit:

Politics is not a spectator point – you must be the change you want to see in the world. Let’s make this change for federal workers and their families today!

*Please conduct these activities on your own time, using your own phone or computer*