With just hours to spare, the House and Senate passed a bipartisan bill to avert a government shutdown on Saturday night.

The Continuing Resolution keeps the federal government open through mid-November, allowing just 45 days for Republican-led House of Representatives members to draft a spending bill they can all agree on. Pundits agree that this stopgap measure does not mean there won’t be a shutdown in November.

“The Metal Trades Department and its affiliates salute the bipartisan action taken this past Saturday by the US House and Senate to prevent a government shutdown. However, workers can no longer be subject to the anxiety and uncertainty foisted upon them as a result of federal elected officials refusing to prioritize and address the needs of the working families they serve,” said MTD President Jimmy Hart.

“Congress must use the next 40 or so days to do the work of the American people and pass a budget that addresses the needs of working families. Congress Needs To Get To Work!”

The MTD urges all Federal Metal Trades Council members to continue to monitor the progress of negotiations and stand ready to contact Congress.

“Your advocacy helped avert the shutdown, but we cannot rest on our laurels. There is too much at stake.”