On November 20, a large delegation of Senators sent a letter to Senator McConnell and the Senate leadership responsible for drafting appropriations legislation for FY 2020, asking them to “accede to Section 749 of the House Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act (H.R. 3351), which provides an essential safeguard for federal employees’ collective bargaining rights in response to the Trump Administrations sustained attacks on the federal workforce.”

In the letter, the Senators outline abuses federal employees have endured under the Trump Administration and point to specific agencies that have resorted to “circumventing the collective bargaining process altogether by engaging in ‘surface’ bargaining.”

The letter goes on to explain that the House passed, in its appropriations package in June, a provision to “retroactively block agencies from implementing any collective bargaining agreement that has not been mutually and voluntarily agreed to by all parties, unless it was the result of binding arbitration.”

Closing out the letter, the Senators state that, “we must affirm our support for workers and labor rights.”

See the full text of the letter attached.

2019-11-20 GCP, Caucus Letter on Inclusion of Collective Bargaining Protections in Appropriations