Dozens of historic deadly wildfires continue to consume millions of acres in the west, especially in California, Oregon and Washington where in some cases entire towns have been destroyed and tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes.

Most evacuees have had to leave quickly with little advance notice, taking what few belongings they could. Thousands of homes and businesses have been incinerated. Weather conditions are improving, but the fire danger isn’t over. Wildfires are also burning in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

The Metal Trades Department has compiled a list of resources for our members and employment partners. If you need additional assistance, contact your MTD General Representative.

Bremerton MTD, Puget Sound MTC, Portland MTC and Indian Wells Valley/China Lake MTC:

The IAMAW members can contact the IAM disaster relief fund:

Disaster Relief Guides

IAMAW Disaster Relief Guidelines

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UA Members can contact the UA emergency relief fund, contact your local Business Manager

Bremerton MTC:
UA Local 26
Business Manager: Todd Taylor
Office: (360) 486-9370

Puget Sound MTC
UA Local 32
Business Manager: Jeffery Owen
Office: (425) 277-6754 Cell: (206) 300-9205

Portland MTC
UA Local 290
Business Manager:
Lou Christian
20210 SW Teton Ave
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 691-5700 Office Main

China Lake MTC
UA Local 460
Business Manager: Steven M. Gomez
Office: (661) 589-4600 Cell: (661) 699-2374

IBB Members should contact their local business managers and they will assist them with the Boilermakers Disaster Relief Fund.

Bremerton MTC
IBB Local 290
Business Manager: Deana Cain
Office: (360) 377-0811 Cell: (360) 689-3232

Puget Sound & Portland MTC
IBB Local 104
Business Manager: Steve Behling
Office: (206) 623-6473 Cell: (206) 854-4902

IUPAT Members can utilize the IUPAT Mash Fund member assistance fund for Locals 300 & 1964.

Puget Sound MTC
IUPAT Local 300
Business Manager: Todd Springer
Office: (206) 441-5554

Portland MTC
IUPAT Local 10
Business Manager: Scott Oldham
Cell: (971) 219-3299

In Portland the Labor’s Community Service Agency can be of service.

LABOR’S COMMUNITY SERVICE AGENCY, INC. a United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Community Partner
9955 SE Washington #301, Portland OR 97216
Phone: 503-231-4962