As my family and I celebrate Easter this year, I am reminded of a quote from Janine di Giovanni, “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.”

Ms. di Giovanni, an author, and war correspondent, who spent years on the front lines witnessing conflict and the death, destruction, and devastation associated with war, is right. Easter should be about hope and new beginnings. So, as we emerge from our COVID-induced sequestration, let us begin the process of healing and recovery by renewing our commitment to one another, our labor family.

We call each other brothers and sisters in the labor movement for a reason. It is because we are, regardless of faith, color, or creed a family united in the belief that all of us deserve dignity and equity, safe working conditions, fair compensation, and time off for family and rest. Let us work together to continue our push for what is fair and just. Lend a hand to those that need it and fight collectively for the greater good to affect change now and in the future.

The amount of domestic uncertainty faced by American workers today is currently being overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. The insidious terrorist actions being imposed upon the people and country of Ukraine, compel us as a nation of God-fearing people to lengthen the spirit and resolve of the Lenten season and use that time of reflection, atonement, and preparation as lessons to embolden us long past the glory of Easter Sunday. As trade unionists, it’s up to us to pull together as workers, demonstrate the empowerment of solidarity, and employ the power we have as a union to affect change not only here and in the workplace but throughout the world as we demonstrate our support for all those oppressed.

Let’s approach and celebrate this Easter steeped in the knowledge that we are committed to a new day and age in which a unified labor movement is ready to take on the challenges of not only the Metal Trades workforce but that of those whose problems are seemingly far beyond our reach.

We are workers …. We are the union ….. We are one!

Happy Easter. God bless the Metal Trades and God bless America.