MTD President James Hart penned a letter to Congress yesterday thanking them for their bipartisan efforts to help American workers and businesses during this unprecedented time. See the text of the letter below. Or download the full letter here.

4.23.20 Congressional Leader Manufacturing Letter

Text of the letter:


Congress has appropriated 2 trillion plus dollars for employers to pay their overhead and employees during this crisis and will very likely have to appropriate billions more. That is what government should do and the members and affiliates of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, are thankful for your nonpartisan legislative efforts during this heinous time of pandemic in our country. The hard work of your respective caucuses have given Metal Trades manufacturing and production employers many of the tools they need to survive this economic crises.


I would like to further commend the Secretary of Defense and the US Navy for steps they have taken to reboot our economy. They have built upon your legislative initiatives, and changed their procurement policies to allow pre-payment to supplier chains to pay their overhead and employees to produce critical components for ships, fighter aircraft and engines. The Navy has added another half billion dollars for advanced procurement. Since these suppliers exist in all 50 states, millions of skilled industrial workers will have a job that will help lead the recovery. Above all, this commitment tells any potential enemy that we are still capable of defending our nation.


Once again, thank you for your time and consideration in addressing the needs of America’s manufacturing workforce during this time of economic distress. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!