As we go through the process of living our daily lives, it is easy to forget all those men and women that came before us and died in defense of our Freedoms.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.” This Memorial Day, and every day, let us not forget the brave men and women who have selflessly sacrificed for our freedoms. Let us honor them in prayer and deed.

America’s Metal Trades Unions and members are ever mindful of the great many blessings we enjoy, granted us by the ultimate sacrifice of so many of the courageous, heroic men and women of our American Military.

On behalf of the officers and staff of the Metal Trades Department, I wish you and your loved ones a reflective and safe Memorial Day holiday weekend.

God Bless America!

In Solidarity,
James Hart, President
Metal Trades Department