Text of letter sent to all U.S. Senators regarding the shutdown from President Hart:
Dear Senator,
On behalf of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, its 17 international affiliated union and its more than 100,000 member, we are deeply concerned that approximately 800,000 Federal Government employees are working without pay or temporarily furloughed because of the current government shutdown. A crisis not of their own making, this jeopardizes the livelihoods of their families and undermines the economic well-being of their communities, which rely on their steady paychecks — as well as members of the broader public who depend upon their services.
The Department respectfully calls upon Senator Mitch McConnell and all members of the Senate to bring the Consolidated Appropriations Bill of 2019 to a vote without partisan delay, and vote in favor of this bill, ending this unconscionable interruption in the nation’s business.
James Hart
President, Metal Trades Department