Want to Make America Great Again? Invest in American Shipbuilding.

The time to Act is now. It’s time to SAVE THE PHILLY SHIPYARD. It’s time to revitalize the American shipbuilding industry, build the TANKERS needed to transport the energy we harvest throughout the United States and the world. It’s time for the United States to re-enter the recreation and cruise ship industry and most importantly it’s vital that we ensure that America has a merchant fleet capable of building a steel bridge to deliver American fighting men and women the equipment necessary to counter foreign aggression anywhere in the world.

I am sick and tired of American ship builders being forced to fend for themselves while their foreign competition soaks up billions of dollars in government support payments and subsidies.

I’m sick and tired of the American Maritime worker and their families taking in on the chin, losing their pensions and healthcare all in the name of irresponsible corporate greed and government policies. It’s long past time for the President to take the steadfast advice of his top economic and trade advisors at Commerce and Transportation and begin to reinvest in the Jones Act Shipbuilding Industry that is so vital to our nation’s national security.

Our merchant fleet is virtually depleted. Heavily subsidized foreign flagged vessels are feasting at the expense of the American worker and consumer, our manufacturing infrastructure is virtually decimated to the point that even though our cities and states face daunting new infrastructure rebuilds throughout the nation, we are forced to turn to foreign nations to meet our fabrication and material needs.

Ronald Reagan was wrong in eliminating government subsidies to American shipbuilding, and President Trump needs to correct that inequity or at the very least level the playing field and not allow any foreign vessel that receives government subsidies to load or unload at US ports.

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