Dear Metal Trades Council Member,

On behalf of a grateful union and workers throughout the land, I want to salute essential employees everywhere and give a special shout out to North America’s Metal Trades workforce.

From my first day as a Metal Trades Representative, I became aware of the special talents and traits that metal trades workers who build and repair America’s military, clean its toxic messes, and construct and keep ready America’s most critical government infrastructure possess. From the Navy Shipbuilder awakened in the middle of the night to answer the call of duty anywhere in the world to the mission essential worker specially trained to protect our country’s national security, you are among the most committed and generous people I know!

But none of the above is why I’m writing to you now.

It’s not as though the day to day life of your metal trade’s vocation hasn’t already made me especially proud of each and every one of you as your President. In my eyes and that of your union, you are already heroes. I write because I would be remiss in my responsibility as your President, if I didn’t commend and pay homage to your service and commitment during this pandemic.

The sense of obligation displayed by each and every metal trades council member, not only to the mission and country but to the ideals of trade unionism, have never wavered, through good times and bad. Your clear sense of purpose and performance, while predictable is nothing short of remarkable!

I can only guess the thoughts that pass through the minds of metal trades working men and women as they awake each morning and ready themselves for another unpredictable day in the course of America’s worst health crises.


I’ve learned that Metal Trades workers don’t worry that jumping into the proverbial water is dangerous, they don’t succumb to the pleas of loved ones that don’t want them to leave home to go to work and face danger, nor do they prescribe to the theory that discretion is the better part of valor. When circumstances demand immediate action, metal trades men and women don’t ruminate, they react. They silently and unapologetically understand that they cannot and will never put at risk the mission that is responsible for America’s national security.

I believe you to be not only an essential labor force, but America’s most special workforce!

As the President of the Metal Trades Department and your proud leader, I often wonder if I would or could perform as you do. We often think we know how we’ll react when facing certain circumstances, often assuming we’ll do the right thing, the best thing, the heroic thing, the thing that best enables us to preserve the positive image we have of ourselves. Luckily, most of us never have to find out just how well we know ourselves. I’d like to think that some part of each of you pauses to recognize that you are in fact, heroes, and I hope that you give yourselves credit, even if only momentarily, for being willing to risk your lives for the mission, flag and country.

Metal Trades workers are on the front lines of this global pandemic, one that has exposed them to a precarious situation, while adding additional layers of burden and responsibility to an already tough job. Covid-19 has sparked uncertainty and unrest within society. Now more than ever, please know that your union has your back.

We will continue to fight for you, through the good times and bad. It is our job to ensure that you never have to choose between your health and your paycheck. You have every right and expectation to look to your leaders to help guide you and your families safely through these distressing times. We will not let you down!

On behalf of the Metal Trades Department Executive Council, staff and labor movement, please accept our thanks for a job well done. It is my greatest wish that you convey the warm regards and gratitude of the department to your spouses, significant others and families. The sacrifice made by your families in support of your livelihood is the strongest part of the fabric that makes our union both great and special.

You are among America’s best skilled, most productive model citizens and we appreciate you!

Thank you and God Bless America!

The union makes us strong!

4.17.20 MTC Member THANKYOU

4.17.20 MTC Member THANKYOU