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Photo of Mr. Terry O’Sullivan

Terry O’Sullivan

Second Vice President


Terry O’Sullivan became the tenth General President of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) on January 1, 2000, and is dedicated to growing his union’s membership and market share. O’Sullivan’s mantra is “organize or die.” Under his leadership, the union also has significantly expanded its efforts in, and commitment to, member activism, capital strategies, grassroots politics, labor-management cooperation, journeyworker upgrade training, apprenticeship, and leadership education. Recognizing that labor and management share many of the same concerns and interests, he has built alliances with a wide range of owners, contractors, and business groups.

In 2011, O’Sullivan led delegates at the union’s 24th International Convention to pass a resolution that significantly increased LIUNA members’ investment in political action. The resolution has raised more than $15 million per election cycle to ensure that elected officials hear the voices of LIUNA members in the halls of Congress, and “Feel the Power” of LIUNA at the ballot box. The union’s PAC has raised its profile, and is now one of the top PACs in the country, working to help elect politicians who support issues of importance to the proud men and women of LIUNA.

In 2006, O’Sullivan led delegates at the 23rd International Convention to pass one of the most important resolutions in the union’s history, devoting to LIUNA’s organizing efforts 25 cents for every hour worked by a Laborer. This has enabled the union to invest more than $80 million per year in its organizing efforts – more than almost any other union in North America.

A fiery orator who is never afraid to speak his mind, Terry O’Sullivan can rally and inspire a crowd of Laborers one moment, then meet with top corporate leaders the next. He is equally at home on a construction site as he is in a board room.

Terry O’Sullivan and LIUNA have taken leading roles in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, long-term highway funding, repeal of the ACA’s so-called “Cadillac Tax,” pension reform, fair postal reform, and many other issues of importance to LIUNA members and their families. O’Sullivan is an outspoken and unapologetic advocate for a diverse, realistic, all-of-the-above energy policy that meets North America’s energy needs safely and responsibly. He is a staunch and ardent supporter of the critically important, but long-delayed, Keystone XL Pipeline.

Terry O’Sullivan currently serves as the Labor Co-Chairman of the Laborers’ Training and Education Fund, LIUNA’s national training arm. General President O’Sullivan also holds the following labor and industry leadership positions:

• Member of the Governing Board of Presidents of the Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD), AFL-CIO
• Member of the Executive Council and Executive Committee of the AFL-CIO
• Board Member and former Chairman, CEO, and President of the Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO)
• Labor Chairman of American Income Life (AIL)
• Chairman of the National Heavy and Highway Coalition
• Board Member of the National Infrastructure Alliance (NIA)
• Member of the Management Committee of Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM)

A long-time, vocal supporter of Sinn Féin and its work to secure a peaceful, just, and united Ireland, Terry O’Sullivan serves as President of New York Friends of Ireland and Chairman of DC Friends of Ireland.

Prior to becoming General President, Terry O’Sullivan served as LIUNA Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, and Assistant to the General President. Before that, he served LIUNA in many positions, including Chief of Staff, Staff Assistant to the General President, Administrator of the LIUNA Tri-Funds, Assistant Director of the LIUNA Construction Department, and Administrator of the West Virginia Laborers’ Training Center. A proud native of San Francisco, California, he joined LIUNA in 1974, and is a long-time member of LIUNA Local Union 1353 in Charleston, West Virginia.

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