MTD Executive Council

Photo of Mr. James “Bud” McCourt

James “Bud” McCourt

Eighth Vice President


James ”Bud” McCourt, is a long-time resident of Massachusetts and began his career with Asbestos Workers Local 6, Boston, MA as an apprentice in 1976. He received his mechanic’s card four years later in 1980 and subsequently served his local union as an executive board member from 1982 to 1984. His leadership abilities led to his election as local union president, a position he held from 1985 to 1987. He also served as asbestos abatement coordinator and as business agent for his local union prior to his election to the top position as business manager. Brother McCourt was elected by the delegates at the Unions 1997 General Convention to serve as International Vice President of the New York-New England States Conference. In that capacity, Bud served with dedication and distinction, giving wise counsel and support to the General Office programs and policies. Upon the retirement of deceased General President William G. Bernard on September 1, 2001, Brother McCourt was elected by the General Executive Board to serve as General Secretary-Treasurer. He was officially elected to the position at the Union’s 2002 General Convention and re-elected at the 2007 and 2012 Conventions. Upon the retirement of General President James A. Grogan August 3, 2015, James McCourt was elected by the General Executive Board to the position of General President. A second generation pipe coverer, Bud and his wife, Deborah have 2 sons, Jamie and Jonathan and a grandson.

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