The Jones Act

Resolution submitted to the AFL-CIO Convention regarding the Jones Act

“Whereas the Buy American Act statutes contained in Title 11 U.S. Code, require that products such as ships, steel, and other major components and systems for the Department of Defense be manufactured in the United States, the Jones Act and the Passenger Vessels Services Act, which require the use of vessels that are built in the United States, and Title 11 Ship Loan Guarantee Program, which provides financing for small and medium shipowners for the construction of commercial and military useful ships.

And whereas the strict enforcement and strengthening of these laws in supporting regulations will save and create highly skilled, good paying jobs for union workers in the United States.

And whereas the jobs created and sustained by these laws will strengthen the defense industrial base of the United States, and stimulate economic growth for the country.

And whereas there have been an increasing number of legislative and regulatory attempts to repeal or amend these laws to the detriment of the American worker and the defense industrial base of the United States, and whereas long term leasing of foreign built ships does harm to U.S. shipbuilding industry, American workers, U.S. businesses and the military industrial base. Now, therefore be it resolved that the Executive Council to the Metal Trades Department demands the strict enforcement of the spirit and intent of the Buy American Act, U.S. manufacturing laws governing the Department of Defense, the Jones Act, the Passenger Vessels Services Act, and Title 11 Ship Loan Guarantees Program, and oppose any and all attempts to amend or repeal these laws.

And resolved that the Executive Council of the Metal Trades Department demand that the U.S. Navy be required to observe the strict lease of no more than two years per ship, and resolve that the Executive Council to the Metal Trades Department promote, as appropriate, the expanded use of the U.S. marine highway.

And be it further resolved that upon adoption of this resolution, that it be sent to the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO for adoption.”

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