Under the current Continuing Resolution (CR), which is funding government agencies at Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) levels, the Department of Navy, its workers, and its mission are all being stretched thin.

Navy Actions under Continuing Resolution:

  • Cancel 10 Ships in San Diego, 10 in Norfolk, 1 in New London, 1 in Washington, 1 in Mayport.
  • Cancel 3rd and 4th qtr aircraft maintenance in San Diego, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Whidbey Island, Lemoore, and Cherry Point.
  • Cut 1,121 Temporary workers mostly in shipyards and base operating support.
  • Reduce Facilities, Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (FSRM) by 50%
  • Cut Base Operation and Support (BOS) by 10%
  • Cut Navy Expeditionary Combat Command
  • Reduce ship ops, flying hours
  • Cancel 30 building demolition projects
  • Delay decommissioning and/ or disposal prep
  • Implement civilian hiring freeze
  • Defer “new start” MILCON projects
  • Defer “new start” Construction of CVN 79
  • Defer “new start” aircraft procurements
  • Defer “new start” research and development
  • Cancel construction of 1 D DG-51

Under Sequestration:

  • Cancel several Attack Submarines (SSN) deployments
  • Flying hours on deployed carriers in Middle East reduced 55%; streaming days reduced 22%
  • Reduce WestPac deployed ops by 35%; Non-deployed Pac ships lose 40% of streaming days
  • Cancel naval operation in and around South America; cancel all non-BMD patrols
  • Shutdown all flying for 4 of 9 CVWs in Mar13. 9-12 months to restore normal readiness at 2-3 times the cost.
  • Stop non-deployed operations that do not support pre-deployment training.
  • Reduce non-deployed operations for pre-deployment training.
  • Cut all exercises (e.g., MALABAR, CARAT, FOAL Eagle).
  • Reduce port visits.
  • Furlough most Civilians for 22 work days.
  • Defer emergent repairs
  • Cancel Community outreach programs


  • NIM, GHWB CSGs will not be ready for scheduled FY13 deployments
  • By OCT13, only 1 CSG/ 1 ARG (Japan-based) crisis ready
  • By OCT13, CONUS forces will require 9+ months to deploy due to maintenance and training curtailments
  • Middle East deployed CSG reduced to 1 by mid-FY14
  • Up to 46,000 Department of Defense civilian employees will be immediately laid off.
  • Another 800,000 workers will face furlough days resulting in a 20 percent pay cut.
  • More than 100,000 people could lose jobs in the shipbuilding and repair industry and our supply chain.
  • 800,000 civilian employees will face as many as 22 furlough days, closing our shipyards one day a week until September 2013. These employees will see a 20 percent reduction in their
  • Economists believe as many as one million jobs will be directly or indirectly lost should Congress fail to pass a defense budget.
  • Another CR will result in additional ships being decommissioned or deferrals of new Navy ship construction programs and the accompanying loss of as many as 100,000 jobs in shipbuilding and the supply chain.
  • As of February 6, 2013,the deployment of the U.S.S. Harry Truman strike group, which had been scheduled to deploy to the Persian Gulf had been cancelled. Our troops in the Persian Gulf for the first time have only one strike group in place.
  • The Navy is canceling 23 ships scheduled for repair and modernization already contracted as well as overhauls and scheduled dry-docking because the old continuing resolutions cannot fund them. Our readiness as a military force is being systematically degraded by continuing resolutions and the threat of sequestration.
  • The Navy will start canceling ship repairs and defer or cancel construction of some new vessels starting on February 15th.
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