Labor Day Message from Metal Trades President James Hart

Labor Day Message from Metal Trades President James Hart

On behalf of the officers and staff of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, I extend Labor Day greetings to all American workers.
Over the years, few holidays have more importance to me than that of Labor Day, for this is that special day to rejoice and celebrate our nation’s workers.

Labor Day is a day where it is natural to reflect and take account of where we stand with respect to the issues which profoundly affect our lives and the destiny of American workers.

We are making progress as workers and unions. However, we must continue to move forward.

Young people and workers of all ages are recognizing that the union is by far still the best vehicle workers have to fight for better wages, benefits and conditions. In fact, recent polls indicate that America is beginning to again recognize that it is organized labor, which is responsible for promoting a vision in our country that extends far beyond the workplace to serve the needs of all Americans by advocating for progressive taxation, affordable healthcare, childcare benefits, extended sick time and leave, workplace safety, the reduction of student loan debt and so much more.

Employment has risen consistently over the past 9 years to record levels, yet our weekly pay envelopes are not keeping pace, succumbing to inflation that is outpacing our gains. The only solution to this sad situation is for workers and their unions to steadfastly commit and support political candidates who pledge to fight for, achieve and maintain an American economy in which workers are insured of job opportunities that guarantee them a living wage. Wage earners should not ask for more, nor be satisfied with less!

So while we contemplate the future and the demands of meeting our collective goals as workers, let’s be sure to enjoy the fruits of our labor by enjoying the end of summer with family and friends. Pop open a union made beer or beverage, barbecue a union made burger or hot dog and never stop supporting the union label.

On this special weekend and day, let’s join together to thank and pray for the well-being and safety of the brave men and women who make up the ranks of our nation’s armed forces and first responders. Just as important, please take time to notice and thank the workers who are not fortunate to be enjoying a day off with family, in order that we may enjoy our time off. On this special day, please do not lose sight of the fact that the greatness of America is due to its working families.

America works best when it works union!

I wish you all a healthy, happy and safe Labor Day 2018!

God Bless America and its working families!

Happy Easter to all and may God Bless America and its working families!

Happy Easter to all and may God Bless America and its working families!

Across our nation, throughout North America and in some instances stations around the world, Metal Trades workers of Christian faith will gather with family and friends to celebrate Easter Sunday. It is a time of great joy and reflection. While the religious significance of Easter and the resurrection is not lost to me, nor is the fact that this day signals the beginning of spring, which after a long winter offers the spirit of hope and revitalization to all.
Today I join all workers in celebrating this day and heeding the Easter message. In the spirit of renewal, I look forward to our continued work together in making our union even stronger.
If you are among the union ranks, this is a good time to reflect upon what being a trade unionist means to you. I believe that those who mislead workers by making unions about what is unacceptable and intolerable to society are wrong and must be strongly refuted. Not only do I think that intentional mischaracterizations of our union and mission diminish the positive effect that our work achieves on behalf of workers but serves as the means to deprive all workers of the dignity and respect that they have earned and deserve in the work place.
Trade unionism is under assault in America. Intolerance for workers rights and protections are maligned as much or more today than any other aspect of American life. We can no longer allow detractors of unions to dissuade workers from becoming part of our mission which is to protect the fabric of our communities, promote fairness in the workplace and make all dreams possible for workers.
When or wherever intolerance is demonstrated, whether it is against our unions, gays, people of color or anyone who disagrees with you, we must as trade unionists step up and join together to resist such efforts by demonstrating to the world what we believe in, by how we act.
We all have failed or fallen short at one time or another, but the point of this message is that in the spirit of the season we all deserve and get a fresh start. It’s time for all of us to try and do better. I am renewing my efforts as we speak, won’t you join me?
On behalf of the officers, staff, and councils of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, we wish you and your families a healthy, happy and reflective Easter Sunday. May the lord bless and keep safe the men and women of the armed forces who together with our nation’s first responders truly insure the freedoms that we hold near and dear in our hearts.
Happy Easter to all and may God bless America and its working families!
A Salute to Service

A Salute to Service

On November 11 we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a day to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to sacrifice for the common good.

As President of the Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO, I am committed to ensuring that the Department, with the support of our affiliated unions, work to provide increased opportunities in the trades for the brave men and women who have served in our nation’s armed services. As well, I am committed to fighting for the rights and benefits we owe our service men and women.

Labor has long supported veterans, many of our Metal Trades Council members are veterans. Often, the work we do supports the military’s mission, and that makes us proud. As we celebrate Veteran’s Day today, we pray that our current service men and women return home safely, and we pray for the souls who did not.

May God bless our veterans and all Americans.

In Solidarity,

Jimmy Hart,
Metal Trades Department, AFL-CIO

A Labor Day Message from MTD President James Hart

A Labor Day Message from MTD President James Hart

On this Labor Day weekend, I would like to take a moment to remember those men, women and children in Texas who lost their lives in Hurricane Harvey. This terrible storm affected many union members, whether they be workers whose homes were damaged or lost in the storm, or first responders who worked tirelessly to help those in need. Many of our own members faced unimaginable hardships over the past week experiencing the devastation first hand. Please join with me in praying for all the residents of Texas, and if you can, consider donating to the relief fund established by the Texas AFL-CIO.

For many, Labor Day is the last official day of summer vacation. And, many folks don’t even know the origins of Labor Day, but union member do. We know that the men and women who fought fiercely for the rights of workers in the 19th Century, built the labor movement, and forged a path that has given us the opportunities we have today. We know that their sacrifices and bravery gave us the weekend, ensured us a voice on the job, and secured our right to collectively bargain with our employers. So, I encourage you to also take time this weekend to remember those whose hard work and sacrifice brought us our union voices.

The last several years have been rough for the labor movement. We have seen attacks to our wages, benefits and pensions. Calls for national right-to-work, and successful passage of state and local level right-to-work ordinances. With the new Administration, we can only assume that our battle has just begun. We face a GOP majority in charge at the National Labor Relations Board. OSHA, the agency tasked with making sure you are safe at work, no longer cares to record on-the-job injuries and deaths, they would rather cow-tow to corporations. Labor indeed is in a fight for its life. We, like those that came before us, must stand with our union brothers and sisters and redouble our efforts to rebuild and reaffirm our place at the table. Like Texas, the labor movement is strong, and resilient, and will whether its storms of attack, but it is up to you to get involved.

May God bless you all, and have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Washington Update — Vol. 1, No. 1

Washington Update — Vol. 1, No. 1

February 16, 2017

Vol. 1, No. 1

It’s time to get involved ….

A message from Metal Trades Department President Jimmy Hart

President Jimmy Hart

It’s time to get involved …. It’s up to you to keep your Council strong! Keeping your Council strong and vital is hard work that involves your everyday participation. Most members will never hold council office, and many have never attended a meeting, some may not have even opened this newsletter. However, if we are to thrive and better our lives in the workplace, it will take a team effort with everyone pulling together. Indifference and benign neglect of our responsibilities as trade unionists to our councils, local and international unions can no longer be accepted if we are to remain a viable and dependable voice for workers in the workplace.

Our Councils serve as the lifeline for Metal Trades Workers. A union is not about its treasury or its elected executive board or officers. A union is built on participation and buy-in by all members, recognizing the reality that if you allow others to make the decisions, they just might make them in a manner that you strongly oppose.

As I travel around the country visiting metal trades job sites, attending council meetings and such, I never grow tired of meeting dedicated trade unionists who have become activists simply by attending an organizing or political meeting. I revel in meeting the once staunch anti-union advocate who worked against the Union in a representation election, who, over time, not only learned the value of union membership but went on to become one of our greatest advocates and assets. It’s inspiring.

Participation changes minds! The Metal Trades and the labor movement as a whole face serious challenges as we confront opponents in the world of politics and management. To confront our challenges, our councils will require interested, engaged and serious delegates and workers to come together as one to fend off adversaries whose sole aim is to set us back generations by attacking our job security, wages, and protections.

We are the Metal Trades and you and your fellow brothers and sisters are the members of Unions that make us strong. It’s time to get involved: signup a new member and join the fight to keep our unions strong and vibrant. May God Bless America and protect the house of labor, for it is truly the only place in which a worker may find their strength and take refuge.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you as I visit your councils, plants, and facilities.

Remember …… We Need You! #MetalTradesStrong

OLMS Filing Requirements and Webinars

for more compliance resources

OLMS is offering free webinars on use of the OLMS Electronic Forms System (EFS) for filers of the Form LM-3 and Form LM-4. See: OLMS encourages Form LM-3 and LM-4 filers to participate in the webinars, as electronic filing is mandatory for such filers beginning with fiscal years that start on or after January 1, 2017. See: At that point, OLMS will no longer provide paper forms or accept paper reports, except in cases of hardship.

OLMS will host two webinars: one for Form LM-3 filers and one for Form LM-4 filers. The Form LM-3 webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST. The Form LM-4 webinar will be held on Monday, March 6, 2017, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST. They are both open to all interested individuals. OLMS is not holding EFS training specifically for Form LM-2 filers because electronic filing is already required. However, Form LM-2 filers may choose to participate or view the EFS Help page that includes a webinar for using the EFS Form LM-2.
The public can register at the below links with registration password: Welcome!25. Once approved by the host, the participant will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the session.
OLMS will be taking questions during the webinar by email, at Those with questions about webinar registration can email or call the national office at (202) 693-0123.

Time to Grow Your Council. Looking to organize new contractors and workers? … Here’s the place where Metal Trades Councils can go to find out where the jobs are. USASpending.Gov

Build Union, Build Metal Trades Union, Build Safe, Save a Life

The article below highlights the dangers of working in non-union shipyards with little regard for workforce safety.

The Deadly Danger of Trump’s Naval Buildup
The Navy could soon see a shipbuilding boom. But workers are dying and the contracts keep coming.


Bram Ates felt the urge to vomit. A chemical stench filled the engine room of the tugboat in a sprawling Mississippi shipyard. Ates scrambled over to an oval hole in the floor and peered into the dark abyss. Below him, two men were crawling through cramped steel boxes laid out like coffins. They had been told to wipe the inside of the hull with paint thinner.

“Look, y’all need to get out of that tank,” Ates screamed.

He heard hissing. A tangerine fireball erupted through the hole and catapulted him across the boat. The deafening boom reverberated through the rooms of a Super 8 motel more than 2 miles away. READ MORE…


It is the policy of The Metal Trades Councils to retain records as required by law and to destroy them when appropriate. The destruction of records must be approved by the [The Office of The Secretary-Treasurers], and logged into the Union’s [Destroyed Records Log]. The formal records retention policy of Metal Trades Councils is as follows: