From The Washington state Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on Wednesday revived a bill to help sick Hanford workers.

House Bill 1723, initially sponsored by Rep. Larry Haler, R-Richland, died in the legislative process last year. It would give workers who come down with certain illnesses the presumption that their exposures to chemicals, heavy metals and/or radiation at the nuclear cleanup site caused their diseases such as cancer, toxic encephalopathy (dementia) and lung disease. That presumption is meant to help them get their worker compensation claims accepted.

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Y-12 Labor Management Conference

Y-12 Labor Management Conference

The 30th annual Labor-Management Conference was held in Nashville at the Music City Sheraton. CNS Vice President and Y-12 Site Manager Bill Tindal, along with Y-12 labor officials, were on hand to accept recognition for Y-12’s support of the Tennessee Labor Management Foundation. Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips, was the keynote speaker at the conference’s welcoming banquet.

Rhode Island Metal Trades Council Chartered

On April 18, 2016 MTD President Ron Ault presented the newly formed Rhode Island Metal Trades Council delegation with their official Charter from the Department. In attendance were President Ault, Michael Sabitoni/LIUNA, Roy Coulombe/Ironworkers, Justin Kelley/IUPAT, Michael Daley/IBEW, Tim Byrne/UA and Scott Duhamel/IUPAT.

Stewards Training at Portsmouth

Stewards Training at Portsmouth

20160329 MTC Training Class-01

The Metal Trades Department conducted Steward training on March 24th & 25th at the Portsmouth MTC. Topics covered included steward responsibilities, grievance preparation and handling, had a hands-on contract exercise for stewards with follow-up on CBA fundamentals, Metal Trades Department policies and brief history, some union history, introduced and explained the MTD internal organizing program, basic organizing, how to talk to workers one-on-one, did role play for new worker organizing, provided tools for stewards to explain what it means to be union with handouts, provided an introduction to speaking in preparation for them to be successful in the actual role play done in the classroom, and leadership training.


Ft. Benning, Georgia – The Columbus Metal Trades Council and community members from Columbus held a “Fair Contract Rally” outside Ft. Benning, Georgia this morning, Monday, December 7, 2015.

The Columbus Metal Trades Council represents employees who support our men and women in uniform at Fort Benning by providing logistics support.  The Columbus Metal Trades Council has represented these workers for the past 9 years.  During that time, the Council has negotiated collective bargaining agreements that provide good wages and benefits, providing a middle class standard of living to those employees and their families.

Recently, VS2 and its subcontractors became the employers of the employees at Fort Benning.  The Columbus Metal Trades Council is currently in negotiations with these employers for a new collective bargaining agreement.  However, the negotiator for VS2 and its subcontractors has made it clear through their proposals that the employers intend to take away the current benefits and protections of the employees.

“These Employees are not asking for additional raises.  They are not asking for additional benefits and conditions.  They are in a fight to maintain what they have had in previous contracts. The purpose of this rally was to inform the soldiers, the base Leadership and the public that these employees stand united in this fight.  There is nothing more un-American than to take away what the employees have worked so hard to achieve.   We are asking the soldiers, the base leadership and the public to support the efforts of these employees to maintain their terms and conditions of employment, just as they support our men and women in uniform as they defend our country.”, David Clegg, Columbus Metal Trades Member and Spokesperson

The Columbus Metal Trades is a group of locals consisting of IBEW Local 613, SMWIA local 85, LIUNA Local 515, IUOE Local 926, IAM Local 2699, and UA l.u.52

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