AFL-CIO Investment Trust

The AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation (ITC) is an institutional investor relations firm that provides investor and labor relations services to labor pension fund clients.

Comprised of a dedicated and professional staff, with over 75 years of combined experience working in the labor and Taft-Hartley market, ITC offers clients unparalleled access to a national network of pension trustees, staff, and fund consultants — as well as labor leaders at the national, regional and local levels.

Robins Arroyo


Robbins Arroyo LLP’s mission is to hold corporations and their fiduciaries accountable when their misconduct harms shareholders, or consumers.  Dedicated to plaintiff representation in complex litigation, our law firm’s practice areas include securities fraud, corporate mergers and acquisitions, shareholder derivative, antitrust, ERISA, whistleblower, and consumer litigation.

Robbins Arroyo LLP is nationally recognized for its achievements on behalf of individual and institutional shareholders, and our attorneys work with clients across the United States and internationally to identify, evaluate, and litigate claims of corporate misconduct and fraud at the public companies in which they invest.

We welcome you to explore our website and to contact us for more information about our work, our attorneys, and our services for clients.

Haley and Associates


Haley & Associates, LLC was established in the mid 90’s and has been providing personalized financial services to clients all across the Mid-Atlantic region for over 20 years. Haley & Associates expanded its practice early on by acquiring Bailey & Bailey Public Accounting firm. The firm is growing and we take pride in being able to build personalized lasting relationships with our clients through hands-on, proactive service. We have a wide range of accounting and business advisory service offerings including; tax preparation, internal, external, and special purpose audits, financial training, consulting, and expert witness testimony.



MOSAIC is founded on the premise that innovation, creativity, collaboration
and data-driven tactics are a standard course of business.

As a full-service, integrated communications firm, we anchor ourselves in strategy and translate it seamlessly into development and platform integration.


 Your image is our passion and driving force behind our ideas.

Our own company history has taught us failure is not an option, which is why we refuse to let it be for our clients. We guarantee immediate responsiveness and experienced reliability because your organization’s profit and market share priorities, are our priorities.

Bank of Labor

Born of Integrity

Bank of Labor is the modern evolution of nearly a century of labor banking experience. From its roots as a labor community bank to its potential as a modern international financial institution serving North America’s labor movement, Bank of Labor is unique in its expanded mission to serve the financial needs and shared values of all of organized labor.

From its remarkable endurance of the catastrophic meltdown of America’s economy during the Great Depression—a tragedy that claimed the viability of so many financial institutions of that time—to the devastating shockwave of the recent Great Recession, itself claiming so many financial institutions in our time—the Bank of Labor stands as a testament to the endurance of the North American labor movement itself.

Founded in 1924 by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Brotherhood State Bank grew its roots deep into the labor community of greater Kansas City. Its original mission was to be a bank that working men and women could trust with their hard-earned money. And we have steadfastly fulfilled that mission.

Now, having emerged as a survivor among the more than 50 labor banks from this era, Brotherhood Bank & Trust rises to the challenge of our time to become the Bank of Labor for the greater labor movement.


Supporting the American Worker for more than 85 Years

At a time when life insurance was not available to union members, Samuel Gompers, the first and longest-serving president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), saw the value of a union-owned insurance company. And the rest, as they say, is history.

On May 1, 1927, The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Ullico) opened for business. Since the first group life insurance policy was issued to Federal Employees Local 105 in Washington, D.C., Ullico has stood shoulder to shoulder with union members and employers to ensure financial security and peace of mind.

For generations, Ullico has responded to the changing needs of working men and women. From insurance products for union members to investments that have created thousands of union jobs around the country, Ullico has been devoted to making life better for millions of Americans.

Ullico is the only labor-owned insurance and investment company, which is why union members and employers across America trust us with protecting their families, employees, businesses and investments. We have proudly been there for the union workplace for more than 85 years…here’s to many more!

Our Customers

Labor leaders founded our company to provide financial security to the movement’s members and their families. Since 1927 we have offered specialty insurance and investment products to Labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors and union working men and women. With our insights into the Labor market and our in-depth product knowledge, no other company comes close to serving the union workplace like Ullico.

The Ullico Mission

Our ability to serve America’s workers responsibly is what counts with the Ullico Family of Companies. This was true at the founding of The Union Labor Life Insurance Company in 1927 and remains true today for all subsidiaries and business lines. The products offered may change and grow to meet the dynamic needs of labor, but our commitment to working men and women is everlasting.

Our mission is:

  • to serve labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors and the working men and women of America – OUR CUSTOMERS
  • to develop and deliver innovative, sound and fairly priced insurance and investment products and services – OUR PRODUCTS
  • to ensure the preservation and growth of company assets and provide fair and equitable returns for our labor partners – OUR STOCKHOLDERS
  • to nurture a diverse work environment that promotes loyalty, integrity, quality, innovation, teamwork, accountability and sensitivity, and provides meaningful and rewarding opportunities for our most important asset – OUR EMPLOYEES
  • to exert a positive influence on the labor movement and on the communities in which we work and live – OUR CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP

The Ullico Difference

FINANCIAL STRENGTH: Financial strength and security, with a focus on discipline and accountability, to deliver stability amidst market uncertainty and solid growth into the future

PRODUCT EXPERTISE: Unparalleled combination of expertise in each of our product categories and experience in the union marketplace

MARKET CREDIBILITY: Unmatched credibility within the labor movement and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of labor’s unique challenges

LABOR VALUES: 80 years of service to the labor movement defined by the same work ethic and values of working men and women and the unions that represent them

PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS: A proactive approach to anticipating labor’s needs, developing innovative financial and risk solutions and delivering value to our clients

LABOR HERITAGE: A labor heritage that was born out of the vision of labor leaders and lives on through union investments and direct relationships with two-thirds of the labor market