Contact  Your Local Metal Trades Council

Work Portsmouth Naval Shipyard P.O. Box 2052 Portsmouth NH 3804 United States Cell Phone: 207-451-8772 Work Phone: 207-438-2507 Work Fax: 207-439-6046

Puget Sound MTC

President Contact: Dave Jacobsen
Work PO Box 61158 Seattle, WA 98141-6158 United States Cell Phone: 206-412-2960
Work 11 Hemingway Dr. East Providence RI 2915 United States Cell Phone: 401-529-3772 Work Phone: 401-943-3032 Work Fax: 401-943-3033

Texas City MTC

President Contact: Ronnie Orsak
Work 2120 N Brazosport Blvd Richwood TX 77531 United States Cell Phone: 979-292-6987 Work Phone: 979-480-0003
Work P.O. Box 2440 Portsmouth VA 23702-2440 United States Cell Phone: 757-270-1608 Work Phone: 757-341-1485
Work 919 Esquimalt Road Victoria, B.C. Canada V9A 3M7 Work Phone: 250-889-7374
Work 8700 Ashwood Drive, Capitol Heights, MD 20743 United States Cell Phone: 240-687-0023 Work Phone: 301-333-2356
Work 2597 Legacy Way Grand Junction CO 812031789 United States Work Phone: 970-248-7632

Wiregrass MTC

President Contact: Olivia Chavez
Work P.O. Box 620728 Ft. Rucker AL 36362 United States Cell Phone: 334-379-2584 Work Phone: 334-733-4380 Website:
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