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Bremerton MTC

President Contact: Bruce Baillie
Work P.O. Box 448 Bremerton WA 98337 United States Cell Phone: 360-440-5305 Work Phone: 360-476-8032 Website:


Bremerton Metal Trades Council Leadership
  • President-Bruce Baillie
  • Vice President-Ed Mannen
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Deanna Cain
  • Trustee-Kristin Alber
  • Trustee-Brian McGuire
  • Trustee-Bill MacDonald
  • Security Specialist-Kathy Boink
  • OWCP Specialist-Cathy Deno
  • Safety Specialist-Sam Smith


Edward Mannen

Cell Phone: 360-440-6106 Work Phone: 360-476-8032

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P.O. Box 448 Bremerton WA 98337 United States

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