The midterm elections are over.

No more robo calls, no more appeals to “Go Vote!” No more social media photos of wristbands and stickers proving “I VOTED!”
It’s over!

There are winners and losers and depending upon who you cast your vote for, you may feel like one or the other.

Elections are contests over the most important questions. Many metal trades workers are appreciative of the President’s economic and national defense agenda, many others are disturbed by the tone and direction of our country under the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, the first two years of President Trump’s presidency was truly a stress test on democracy.

Election day and early voting turnout was amazing and union workers were clearly energized. Some knocked on doors, others manned phone banks, more importantly, we voted in big numbers!

However, winning is not enough. It’s results that count. If we don’t rebuild the infrastructure, if we don’t reform health care, if we don’t protect pensions, if we don’t protect collective bargaining all our efforts are for naught.

It’s time for all Americans to join together and do what’s best for working families.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support.