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Our Mission

Our ability to serve America’s workers responsibly is what counts with the Ullico Family of Companies. This was true at the founding of The Union Labor Life Insurance Company in 1927 and remains true today for all subsidiaries and business lines. The products offered may change and grow to meet the dynamic needs of labor, but our commitment to working men and women is everlasting.

Our mission is:

  • to serve labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors and the working men and women of America – OUR CUSTOMERS
  • to develop and deliver innovative, sound and fairly priced insurance and investment products and services – OUR PRODUCTS
  • to ensure the preservation and growth of company assets and provide fair and equitable returns for our labor partners – OUR STOCKHOLDERS
  • to nurture a diverse work environment that promotes loyalty, integrity, quality, innovation, teamwork, accountability and sensitivity, and provides meaningful and rewarding opportunities for our most important asset – OUR EMPLOYEES
  • to exert a positive influence on the labor movement and on the communities in which we work and live – OUR CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP

Silver Sponsors

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Bank of Labor

Who We Are:

From our union-represented employees to our top-level union leadership, Bank of Labor is immersed in the culture of labor. We support labor’s mission through our lending practices, our alliances with pro-labor organizations, and our financial contributions to labor’s worthy causes, within the legal framework of state and federal regulations.

Photo of Building Investment Trust
Building Investment Trust

The mission of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust (BIT), a bank collective trust for which PNC Bank serves as trustee, is to provide competitive risk-adjusted returns for qualified union pension plans through investments in institutional quality commercial real estate. The BIT also provides collateral benefits such as union job creation and economic development. As of June 30, 2018 the BIT had a gross asset value of $6.75 billion, and a net asset value of $5.10 billion**.

The BIT invests exclusively in US markets and has developed and implemented one of the most comprehensive written union labor policies in the industry.  In its 30 year history, the BIT has invested over $7.3 billion for the development and acquisition of more than 200 office, retail, multifamily, hotel, warehouse, and mixed use properties across the country. These investments have generated approximately 78 million hours in union construction work and created thousands of union jobs in the service, maintenance and operations of facilities owned by the BIT.
As a fund carrying the AFL-CIO name, the BIT strives to meet the highest expectations both as a prudent steward of pension capital and as a fund dedicated to creating American jobs and building American communities.

Photo of Employees Club California
Employees Club California

Functioning out of our hub in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, we are always ready to help you get the coverage you need with the service you deserve. Take a look around our site to meet our managers — who have over 150 combined years of experience in the industry, recipients of the most management excellence awards in the company’s history.   

Photo of Haley and Associates
Haley and Associates

Haley & Associates, LLC was established in the mid 90’s and has been providing personalized financial services to clients all across the Mid-Atlantic region for over 20 years. Haley & Associates expanded its practice early on by acquiring Bailey & Bailey Public Accounting firm. The firm is growing and we take pride in being able to build personalized lasting relationships with our clients through hands-on, proactive service. We have a wide range of accounting and business advisory service offerings including; tax preparation, internal, external, and special purpose audits, financial training, consulting, and expert witness testimony.

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Once again the MTD has partnered with the LASXpress to offer discounted transportation for our Conference attendees from the Airport.

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